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What is Coaching?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

When we hear the word ‘coach’ we likely think of sports.

In the world of sports, coaches are the people who guide, train, and help athletes hone in on their best skills and perfect those skills to allow for the athlete’s most optimum performance. The coach gives the athlete insight, clarity, guidance, and resources to allow the athlete to grow and change in ways that they may not otherwise be able to see on their own. The coach helps the athlete to become an important part of a team; a contributor.

The coach doesn’t give the athlete the ability to be a star. The athlete already has that ability, but with the coach’s help, he or she can perfect the skills they already possess.

The same principles apply to Grief and Life Coaching. We already possess the ability to have the life that we want and deserve; however, sometimes we need a bit of clarity and guidance. There’s no time in life that is more out of balance than when we’re in the middle of change, and multiply the feeling of being off balance by 100 if trauma or loss is involved. It’s hard to get through a single day at times, let alone plan for tomorrow. So what is a Coach’s role?

First let’s address what coaching isn’t… Coaching is not therapy or psychiatry.

The practices attached to psychotherapy will focus on digging into the past and how it affects your present and future. It will help you to identify any emotional and mental concerns and possibly diagnose those concerns. Coaching on the other hand is forward thinking, focused on future goals and what you need to achieve those goals. Coaches can help you to see how past actions affect your present and future goals, just as psychotherapists can help you to look toward future goals, but the main distinction is that coaches are not trained to diagnose their clients.

The Coach’s job is to urge you to see past barriers and help you remember who you are. A Coach can be a sounding board, a confidant, and a beacon when you can’t seem to get “unstuck”. A Coach can give you the ability to find the tools and resources that you already have access to. A Coach can help you create a plan for forward growth, healing and success.

As your Coach, I would be honored to help you enter in to this next phase of life confident and well-equipped to tackle each minute; good or bad, peaceful or chaotic. Ultimately, we don’t need to battle life’s problems on our own. Let’s do it together.

Many blessings,


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