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One on One Coaching

In a one on one coaching session, we will focus on your story and whatever you need in that space. Coaching is about listening with empathy and compassion, and creating a safe place to speak and be heard without judgement. 

The goal of each session is driven by your needs and desires for yourself and your future, and to come up with actions and resources to help you achieve your best life. 

Speaking Engagements

Group events are a wonderful way to share helpful information, tips, tricks, and tools for handling life's challenges. If you are looking for a speaker to share inspiration in a time of uncertainty, I would be honored to share my experiences and insights to help shine light and give hope to those who may be struggling with grief, change, and loss of purpose.


Whether it is a small group setting or a large venue, a Grief and Life Transition Coach can bring motivation and value to your event.

Corporate & Business Support

It's possible that in your business environment you may run into areas of need when it comes to grief or loss, transition, and finding purpose. Whether it's for yourself as a leader or for your team due to challenges and circumstance, Grief and Life Transition Coaching can be a valuable tool for your growth and success.

The goal of Coaching within a business setting is to determine the barriers and roadblocks holding you or your team back from achieving success now and in the future. By exploring the circumstances at hand, as well as the direction that you would like your team to go, we can determine a plan of action to ensure improved morale, forward momentum, and overall achievement. 

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"You are not broken, you are breaking through."

Alex Miles

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